Wait For Me (Čakaj me)

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Wait For Me

My five minutes is today,
Without a tie and shoelaces.
And if you take my traces too,
I’ll be like a dancer without a partner.
My five minutes is today,
The guards are singing to their rifles.
When the sun lights up dawn to morning,
They will return songs to it.
I think only such thoughts
Which, of course, I shouldn’t dare.
And when I return I’ll be still
The one who begs you at the station:
Wait for me...
Today it seems to me
As if I can just stand on my toes
And the stars are there.
I’ll bring full pockets of them,
Does luck believe a knight?
Then I’ll be just a hero
For eternal hours we’re together,
A doormat, a shadow of your dog.
Then I’ll be a coat hanger, a potty,
Coffee in bed, a lover for both of us.
(translated by Gavrilo Došen)
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Translated by Gavrilo Došen

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Čakaj me

Mojih pet minut je danes,
brez kravate in vezalk.
In če mi še stopinje vzameš,
bom kot plesalec brez plesalk.


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