Flowerbed (Canteiro)

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I turned a cradle into a grave
From this I made a flowerbed
Where the flowers grow up, just like me
Each flower is a proof
of how everything renews
But I'm afraid of nothing may be mine
I am happy to be with you
In the moment when I look for
a flower that I wish I could see grow
And everything passes by
But something remains
The good thing is, actually, not to know what it is
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Fiz de um berço a minha cova
Dela fiz o meu canteiro
Onde as plantas crescem como eu
Cada flor é uma prova
De como tudo se renova
Faço por que nada seja meu
Estou feliz por estar contigo
No momento em que eu procuro


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Lemoncholic     agosto 19th, 2012

Finally, I've shown up to check the newest translations. Let's see...

>of how everything renew
"Renews", maybe? I think, you've just misspelled it.

>But I worry about which nothing may be mine
"But I'm afraid nothing may be mine" sounds better for me, but I'm not sure if it is a correct translation.

>a flower that I wish I could see it grow
"See grow". It's a kind of construction, for example: "I've never seen her sing."

dowlenon1     agosto 19th, 2012

Done Smile