Song of earth (Canto Della Terra)

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Song of earth

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Yes I know
my love that me and you
we maybe together
just for some instants
We remain mute
to pay heed to
the sky
through the window
and this world
that awakens and the night is
already so afar
already afar
Look at this earth
that revolves along with us
even when it is dark
Look at this earth
that revolves for us
to bestow some sun. sun. sun
My love, you who are my darling
I sense your voice and listen to the sea
it really looks to me as your breath
The love you give me
this love that
is hidden there
among it’s waves
in all it’s waves
like a boat that...
Look at this earth
that revolves along with us
to bestow some sun
Mighty sun
Mighty sun
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Canto Della Terra

Si lo so
Amore che io e te
Forse stiamo insieme
Solo qualche istante
Zitti stiamo
Ad ascoltare
Il cielo
Alla finestra


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