Songs about suicide

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Suicidal thoughts, direct suicide or songs linked to the author's suicide.
No songs about despair, depression, melancholy, taedium vitae or any other emotion that may be associated with suicide without being the direct cause of it.
No songs that may be interpreted in other ways.
No songs about someone else's suicide.

If this topic disturbs you, please, check other collections (there are nice ones out there, don't worry).
Totally open to suggestions.

Famously known as the "Suicide Song", it was linked to many suicides in Hungary, included the composer's.

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Suicidal thoughts and alcoholism are the main topics.

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Kind of subtle, but it reflects the suicidal thoughts of Chester, along with his emotion of despair, confusion and emptiness.

Suggested by katten.

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Suggested by katten.

A couple commits suicide throwing themselves out of a window (possibly, it's not clear) to be together in the afterlife.

Canzone | Tedesco Ost+Front

Suggested by AK.ThePunisher.

Canzone | Inglese Blutengel

Suggested by Dancer_on_the_Glass.

A person commits suicide to demonstrate their love.

Suggested by SaintMark.

Canzone | Inglese Nirvana

The genre played by Nirvana (and Linkin Park, above) is prolific for songs with similar topics. Here the suicide topic is a bit subtle. Nevertheless, the song is the last one ever recorded by Nirvana before Kurt's suicide and reflects his pain (to which he surrenders), not only through the lyrics, but also through his singing.

Suggested by SaintMark.

The topic of suicide here is slightly different. I don't want to include songs about someone else's suicide in this collection, however, this is a poetic prayer about suicidal people. Not only about them: the song is full of hope for a world in which people wouldn't feel like committing suicide anymore and for this reason, I feel like it deserves a place here.

Suggested by Hampsicora.

A man throws himself into a well after having learnt about his beloved's death.

Suicidal thoughts. Desire of peace, attainable only through death.

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The singer has nothing left and feels like suicide is the only thing they can do. Feelings of low self-esteem and despair.

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Suggested by Zarina01.

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Suggested by Zarina01.

In times of despair, the singer seeks for help, but he doesn't want to hurt his loved ones. The suicide (possibly by drowning) is caused by this inability for the others to help him, he feels isolated and, thus, he isolates himself even more.

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Talks about a man committing suicide by hanging himself. The song is also connected to the author's suicide: this was his last song.

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Canzone | Inglese Radiohead

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Homage to the poet Alfonsina Storni who committed suicide by drowning.

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Canzone | Tedesco E Nomine

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Canzone | Inglese Blink-182

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Canzone | Inglese Logic

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A swordfish gets fished and her mate follows her towards the shore to die together with her.

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