Vagabond Heart (Coracao Vagabundo)

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Vagabond Heart

My heart doesn't tire itself
Of having hope
Of one day being all it wants
My heart of a child
Is not just a memory
Of a woman's happy figure
That passed by my dreams
Without saying goodbye
And made of my eyes
A most endless cry
My vagabond heart
Wants to keep the world
In me
My vagabond heart
Wants to keep the world
In me
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Coracao Vagabundo

Meu coração não se cansa
De ter esperança
De um dia ser tudo o que quer
Meu coração de criança


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jazznezz     agosto 8th, 2012

thank you for this translation!
de crianca is that a child?
i thought that it meant beleif!
so there i go! hahah!

lyricalbrazil     agosto 13th, 2012

Jazznezz, you're thinking of crença - very close Smile

erika_hermi     agosto 8th, 2012

De criança: of a child, childish

Kadmos     luglio 15th, 2013

passar por algo = to pass through something
passar algo = to pass by something