Wild Energy [ Dika Enerhiya (Дика Енергiя) ]

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Wild Energy

In time of faceless and blind generations,
In era of words, senseless sensations,
In epoch of deaf prostrations,
We have lost sense long ago.
Trough lost dreams I can feel
Endless chaos - this is the energy
I'm put under my passion, I'm wild and dumb
Love of ecstasy, there isn't another way
I'm wild like a bird
The sky in my arms.
All that I have
It's the energy
All that I have
All that I have
Broken road
Lost fear
All that I have
It's the energy
All that I have
In empty and false maze
You can't escape yourself.
Through the abyss of old illusions and dreams
We go that not to get through (the abyss).
Once And forever I've understood
That the power of love is the energy.
To fall then to stand up and suffer for nothing
Our fate is flying, there isn't another way
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Dika Enerhiya (Дика Енергiя)

В час безликих сліпих генерацій,
В еру слів, безглуздих сенсацій,
У епоху глухих прострацій
Ми давно втрачаєм глузд.
Крізь втрачені мрії відчуваю я
Безодню стихії. Це - енергія.
Скоряюся спразі, дика і німа,
Кохання екстазу, іншого нема.


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