crazy (Divooneh)

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oh eh o wah oh eh o wah(lol)
the world is ours
forget the rest
look at crazy
its so cool
these days
its hard to stay sane
get carzy liek us
geting crazy has nothing to loose
the talk and the love is the saem
get crazy get crzy
get crazy get crazy
come lets work on it!
look how much love i am
lets say were are crazy
in this world and scene
lets hit the end get crazy!
get crazy get crazy
get crazy get crazy
oh weh o wah o weh o wah
oh weh o wah o weh o wah
break the galss
say you ahve nothign left
laugh at the world
you have nothing to loose
in todays society take charge
get carzy just like us
get crazy get crazy
get crazy get crazy
oh weh o wah
o weh o wah
crazy, crazy, CRAZY!!!!!
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divooneh, divooneh(divooneh, divooneh) divooneh sha divooneh(divooneh sha divooneh).
O weh o wah(o weh o wah) o weh o wah(o weh o wah). Don yo yhovi dovonesh, khos a rovi khionesh Divoona nah no ne go kon demi chekh oo behanesh to im dorooh ze donyah de loh bezam bedaryo bezam besi ne o kha divoonesh ah mes ne mah divooneh kham nadoreh bichizicam nadoreh afreshokham beshnekiyeh divoonesha ky be kyeh.


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