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   Dominique -inique -inique
   Went about simply,
   A poor singing traveller.
   On every road, in every place,
   He talks only of the Good Lord,
   He talks only of the Good Lord.
At the time when Bad King John
Was the sovereign of England
Dominic, our father,
Fought against the Albigensians.
One day, a heretic,
Through the brambles him leads,
But our father Dominic,
With his cheer him does convert.
With neither camel nor haste,
Throughout Europe he goes on foot
Scandinavia and Provence
In holy poverty.
He sets alight at every school
Girls and boys full of ardour,
And to spread the Word
The Dominican Friars he did found.
For Dominique and his brothers
Bread did become sparse
When two angels did appear
With them great chunks of eggy bread.
Dominique sees in a dream
Preachers all around the world
Under the cloak of the Virgin
In great number assembled.
Dominique, my dear father,
Keep us simple and jolly
To call to our brothers
The Way and the Truth1
  • 1. The Life and the Truth
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"Par des ronces le conduit"

… parcourt l'Europe …

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