I died twice [ Dvaput San Umra (Nisan' Ja Za Te) ]

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I died twice

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When the heavens gave me a minute
they said: go be with her
I carried you in my heart
from the day I was born
but realised way too late
that I was never for you
That day I came to you
having nothing more myself to offer
So what could I propose with
to make you be mine forever
my heart is not enough
I'm not for you

My life, I died twice
twice for her
the first time when I laid eyes on her
the seconde time when she left me
my life, I died twice
twice for her...

When I see you together with him
In a second, through sorrow.. I age
The heavens were mistaken
when they took you from me
took you.. my love

My life, I died twice
twice for her
The first time when I met her
The second time when she left me
My life, I died twice
Twice for her

I am not for you....

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Dvaput San Umra (Nisan' Ja Za Te)

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