You're a Pistol [ Eisai Ena Pistoli (Είσαι ένα πιστόλι) ]

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You're a Pistol

You have no blood in your veins
You have a heart of stone that hates me
But I want you, I don't care about the shames
For these very few moments of your love
You are a gun that marks me down
Just to open holes in my heart
You are a nightmare that seizes me
I love you, even though you're a black disaster
Your cold heart has no flame inside
You are the snow that extinguishes my fire
But I want you, I don't care if it's my undoing
Because your naked body burns me out
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Eisai Ena Pistoli (Είσαι ένα πιστόλι)

Δεν έχεις αίμα μέσ' στις φλέβες σου εσύ
έχεις μια πέτρινη καρδιά που με μισεί
Μα εγώ σε θέλω δεν με νοιάζουν οι ντροπές
Γι 'αυτές τις λίγες της αγάπης σου στιγμές.


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