He/She (Ele/Ela)

traduzione in Inglese


She saw the world
He saw the world
Both through the same eyes

That was all
And absolutely all
They had in common

They met on the winter of 2002'
In the wind was the prelude
of what was yet to come

The cold weather became a pretext
For him to lay his coat
Over her shoulders

And then, the winter was over
At the moment she, in turn,
Hugged him with her eyes

He was
An aspiring poet
She was his inspiration

And for him,
Anything about her
Inspired him a song

She who always sought
For a reason for anything
Found out it was enough for her,
To be, to feel and to live at his side

Time flew for both of them
And even all the time in the world
would not be enough

The days they lived together
Were just a proof that
The eternity was but an instant

She wanted to be several things
And even dreamt
Of being a pilot once

She could finally reach the skies
At the moment he asked
For her hand in marriage

Her answer was of three letters long (=an yes)
Her voice, then, turned
Into the most beautiful melody

Since then
There has been no fragment of life
They would live apart

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