I am (Estoy)



Hoy desperté te busque
Me hizo faltar estar contigo
Quise rozar tu mirada
Hoy te pensé te extrañe
Añore sentir tu mano sobre mi piel y mi alma
Tu viajando por la adversidad
Yo volando sin poder asimilar
Que detrás de cada límite estoy

Hoy sin querer te mire
Vi tu foto y me transporte
Al calor de tus besos y te acaricie
Te tome, te llene, paso a pasa cada espacio
Pude esquivar la contrariedad
Tu alma sabe

Mientras viajas por tu adversidad
Me trasvuelo sin poder asegurar
Que a pesar de cada límite
Estoy siempre seguro
Que más allá de toda lógica
Salgo a toda reconciliación

Y detrás de cada límite estoy...
Hoy desperté, te busque
Me hizo falta estar contigo hoy

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I am

Today I woke up, I searched for you
To be with you is what I lacked
I wanted to meet your gaze
Today I thought about you, I missed you
I longed to feel your hand over my skin and my soul
You are traveling across the adversity
I am flying without being able to understand
That behind every limit, I am...

Today, without intending to, I saw you
I saw your photo and I was taken to
The warmth of your kisses and I caressed you
I grabbed you, step by step I filled your every space
I could avoid the obstacles
Your soul knows...

As you travel across your adversity
I fly across, without being able to assure that
Despite every limit,
I am always sure
That beyond all logic
I face all the reconciliations

And behind each limit I am...
Today I woke up, I searched for you
To be with you is what I lacked today

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Commenti dell'autore:

Sorry if it seems like the translation doesn't make sense at some points but some parts doesn't make much sense in Spanish either.

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