Hello. If you would, please help translate the following song Kamp by Kukui(the artists)

I know this is difficult, as it's a soundtrack, but I LOVE this haunting chant. I would like to know what is being said or maybe even how to pronounce it!

This is a youtube link to the short song-chant. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LD5L4LeO7v8&list=LLddDdkSu04nTzn0vSbLv3Kw...

thank you, and sorry if this is too much to ask for, it's okay. I have searched the internet for Kukui song lyrics but this song seems to elude all translation.

thank you again.

kota     febbraio 24th, 2012

The language in which the lyrics are written is a creation of Myu, the composer,
and nobody but she knows what the words mean.
It seems only for the purpose of giving a more effective atmosphere to the scene where the song is used.

oako     febbraio 21st, 2012

I see maybe that no one is able to help, but thank you even if you only looked.

One last request?: if you know of a website that could specialize in what I am looking for, I would be grateful for a point in that direction.

thank you