Hi, everyone! I've noticed some mistakes on songs' lyrics.

First one is in Aphrodisiac by Eleftheria Eleftheriou, we need to replace "crawling" by craving and second song is When The Music Dies by Sabina Babayeva, where it's written "are" all along the song instead of "were".

Here you can find the official lyrics for both of the songs:

And here are the lyrics on LT:

I wish I could do it myself, but as I didn't add these lyrics I unfortunately can't.
If any moderator could fix it please...

ArenaL5     luglio 7th, 2013

I'll add the breaks in the Spanish part, I'd rather let the other translators update them themselves.
The other part's done.

EDIT: Please check it. Isn't it better to always keep the chorus together?

P. Freda     luglio 7th, 2013

I don't know that I would call this a mistake on the lyrics, but there are no breaks between the verses and I would like for the verses to reflect the breaks I put in my translation for this song so it's easier to read.

Also, could you add the video I noted in Author's comment to this song?


It would be much appreciated.

ArenaL5     giugno 14th, 2013

How couldn't we, this is our territorio hahaha

This is a translation request without text.
Can someone turn it into a transcription request? (or provide the lyrics)


Same for this, but this is more complicated because there's a translation to English of the chorus:


P. Freda     giugno 13th, 2013

Thank you both for fixing this up, I've been waiting to add my translation.
Son los mero, meros Smile

Vimto12     giugno 13th, 2013

ArenaL5 wrote:
(could a mod move this to their username?)

done Wink

ArenaL5     giugno 13th, 2013

·More accents and commas added
·Language set to Spanish
·Translation-to-English request added because apparently the submitter didn't know how to (could a mod move this to their username?)
·Video added

Thank you for you report!

P. Freda     giugno 11th, 2013

There is a song by Joan Sebastian called "Con tu amor". (http://lyricstranslate.com/en/Joan-Sebastian-Con-tu-amor-lyrics.html) It is labeled as English when it should be Spanish. It seems like the person who put the song up may have wanted to translate it to English & just did it incorrectly. Also, the words to the lyrics are ok but there are missing accents on some of the words. Instead of pointing out each one, I'll just add what I wrote:

Aunque quieras expulsarme de tu vida
y me niegues el regalo de tus ojos
Aunque logre tu altivez causarme heridas
yo sere el mayor y el peor de tus antojos.

Aunque vengan a ofrecerte mil tesoros
y deslumbren el tesoro de tu alma
No me espanto cuando oigo cantar los loros
mi canario te sabra esperar con calma.

Con tu amor y mi amor vivirás
con tu amor y mi amor viviremos
estas ciega pero un dia verás
que con tu amor y mi amor
con tu amor y mi amor, moriremos.

[Y untese resina...resinacion, mija.]

Aunque vengan a bajarte las estrellas
y por eso veas mi mundo muy obscuro
nuestra historia fue y sera de las mas bellas
y aqui no terminara, te lo aseguro.

Con tu amor y mi amor vivirás...

(I hope I didn't miss any)

Also, could this video be added too?

ArenaL5     giugno 5th, 2013

Your wish was granted.

P. Freda     giugno 5th, 2013

Much appreciated, thanks.

Vimto12     giugno 5th, 2013

Lyrics to 'Háblame' updated! Smile

P. Freda     giugno 5th, 2013

Thank you. I forgot to request the video too, could you add this one?

P. Freda     giugno 5th, 2013

There is a song that was requested to be translated from Spanish-English a few months ago. It's called Háblame by Malú (http://lyricstranslate.com/en/request/hablame-4)

The way it's written makes it really difficult to understand and translate, all the verses are just run together plus there's a few errors in it. I reformatted it so the verses are more distinguishable & I corrected the errors. I've been working on translating this and would appreciate it if someone would change the Spanish lyrics for me so I can post my translation. This is how I've written it:

Háblame en voz baja
A ver si se aparta el aire
Y me rozas con tu cara

Y que salga de tu boca que el amor
no te ha llegado
Y mientras soñaré con acariciarte el pelo
Y tener cerca tu cuerpo

Cuéntame tu vida
A ver si se para el mundo
Y me quedo a tu verita

Ya lo sé
Mientras hablas yo te miro
y divago por tus labios
Yo quiero conocer al ser llenito de esencia
Que me libra y que me pesa
Y confunde a los suspiros
Que me delatan cuando pienso en ti

Y dime que has hecho conmigo
Porque cuando tú no estás va contigo
hasta el aire que respiro
Y si te busco en el rincón aquel
Ya no siento ni frío
Ciegas la luz de la luna
Y a mí el alma se me ha ido
Pero sin alma tú di que hago yo ahora
Si no siento, si no soy más que por tu persona
que me devora
Sigo clavada en el rincón aquel
Y solo pasan las horas

Tan pronto vuelve la aurora
Como pregunta que haces tú a solas...
Una vez más...

Como ves lo que para ti es sencillo
Para mí es una locura

Ay niño, déjame
Deja un poquito de aire
Yo pretenderé alcanzarte
Aunque no llegue a tu altura

Dame mi aire y no me hagas sufrir

[Estribillo x2]

ArenaL5     maggio 11th, 2013

Perfect. Thank you!

ArenaL5     maggio 10th, 2013

Can you edit translations too, or that's beyond your reach as a mod?

SnowFlake     maggio 11th, 2013

The translator of the Slovak translation is no longer active, so I changed that one.
I notified the other translators, so they can change it themselves.

ArenaL5     maggio 2nd, 2013

Could anybody add new lines to the lyrics and all translations? Right now it looks like prose.


Slovak and Serbian transliterions are already written in verse.

SnowFlake     maggio 10th, 2013

Done. Smile

Owlin     giugno 11th, 2012


Can a moderator please move the lyrics I put in the comment field to the song and then delete the lyrics comment? I'd appreciate it a lot, since the person who made the request is a "guest" and there is no way I can contact them to ask them to change it themselves. Thank you Smile

Calusarul     aprile 17th, 2012

Push / Click the edit (Uredi) button above the song lyrics.

lizzy.forget.me.not     maggio 15th, 2012

thnx Smile

lizzy.forget.me.not     aprile 17th, 2012

hmmm...i saw mistakes in 2 of my lyrics...how can i fix them?
(some links are left behind...i was sure i deleted them, but...)


MayGoLoco     aprile 15th, 2012

You're welcome Wink and thnx for reporting those errors.

Effily     aprile 15th, 2012

Perfect! Thanks again for being as helpful as you are! Smile

MayGoLoco     aprile 15th, 2012

I didn't understand you the first time, I've corrected the first verse now.
Hope it's good now?

Effily     aprile 15th, 2012

Thanks Maja! Next time I'll comment instead Wink

I still see "You are" instead of "You were"... I'm gonna send a message to the member who added the lyrics to see. Smile

Thank you again.

MayGoLoco     aprile 15th, 2012

I've corrected Aphrodisiac, but I don't know if anyone has corrected the 2nd song already...I don't see any errors in it (are/were)...

Please check them if they're correct now.

It's easier to just comment on that song whenever you see an error Wink