Sakis Rouvas - Greek Song into English/French


I'm French and I like Sakis Rouvas song. I would like to translate into French, but as I don't speak English, I will need an English translation first.

Any one interested to help with this "Sakis Rouvas" project?

Thanks for your help

Miley_Lovato     dicembre 26th, 2011

ok then I'll add right now some songs and make their English translation

Miley_Lovato     dicembre 26th, 2011

Hi RGT26!I can help you.As a native greek speaker I can give you many English translation and also some French.There are many English translations of his songs but there are also many of his songs which haven't been added.

RGT26     dicembre 26th, 2011

Would be great Wink

Mariloca     dicembre 26th, 2011

Some of these songs have already been translated into English ("Se Thelo san Trelos"; "Tha Trelatho). You would just need the English versions translated into French.

RGT26     dicembre 26th, 2011