Photography (Fotografia)

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Me, You, We
Here in this roof by the sea
The sun is already setting
And your look
Seems to follow the color of the sea
You've got to leave
The evening falls,
In colors it fades.
Got dark
The sun fell into the sea
And the first light is on
You and me
Me, You, We
Alone in this bar between the lights
And a big moon left the sea
It looks like this bar
is closin
And there's always a song to say
That old history about a desire
That every song has to tell
Then came that kiss
That kiss
Tha kiss
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Eu, você, nós dois
Aqui neste terraço à beira-mar
O sol já vai caindo
E o seu olhar
Parece acompanhar a cor do mar
Você tem que ir embora
A tarde cai
Em cores se desfaz


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