George Wassouf

edamaria     maggio 26th, 2012

I need translation !! plz! tx Smile

    giugno 20th, 2009

can you please add the translation of "el saber tayyeb" from george wassouf?

sebbymuddy     giugno 3rd, 2012

can some one translate this song for me please? "shee ghaleeb" by George wasouf

    giugno 29th, 2010

Can someone please add the songs "Sebt El Donia" & "Shokran" with english subtitles?
I would really be thankful for them. Much love to all!

lt     giugno 29th, 2010

Darkangelb7bk, please read these short rules and add a translation request. thanks Smile

lt     giugno 4th, 2012

sebbymuddy, you should add "shee ghaleeb" lyrics first. please read

    agosto 7th, 2010

well i dont have the original lyrics, thats why i was asking here for the songs & if possible too the translations....
otherwise i would have posted the lyrics & done it as it says in the rules....

trasna     aprile 22nd, 2011

Can someone add the translation of "el dahab ya habibi" by george wassouf please? Thanks a lot.

lt     aprile 25th, 2011

Trasna, please follow the link posted above and read the rules - you should add "el dahab ya habibi" lyrics first.

hassn.rock.5     novembre 30th, 2014

فين اغنيه اصعب فراق