I would be very grateful if you could translate the Persian dance song, Golpari into English. Thank you!

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traduzione in Inglese


-Hey girl
-hey girl
-Do you have a husband?
-Will you come with me?
-I won't
-Why won't you come?
-I don't want to
-Will you be my wife?
-I won't
-Why won't you be?
-I won't tell

"vay, vay, vay"

-Because I love you
-I want to kiss you
-Come sit next to me
-I won't
-I want to spoil you
-You're my beautiful, my lovely flower, my darling, my heart

They call me Golpari
I won't fall in love easily
With golden dresses
I make all fall in love
I'm like this and nobody can beat me in this
I'm a girl, a lovely fairy,
My name is Golpari

-What's you name?
-Darling Golpari
-Come, let's go
-I won't
You'll get tired
-I won't


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This is not the complete translation, but you get the idea Smile

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