Come on girl come into my room (Hajde mala dođi u moju sobu)

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Come on girl come into my room

I met her for the first time
at the "Stopoteci"
up in Ljubljana, while it was the
"Bum festival"
She threw her hand
around my neck
and said;
Aki aren't we a good pair
Come on girl, come into my room
we will have a private ball
it would be too bad if the stuff collapses
Stop, what do you think of me
am I a cat
only for one night
No, but I am here for only
this day
and who knows when
I will be able to come again
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Hajde mala dođi u moju sobu

Sreo sam je prvi put
u "Stopoteci"
gore u Ljubljani dok trajao je
"Bum festival"