There´s milonga of love (Hay milonga de amor)

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There´s milonga of love

There´s (a) milonga of love
there's a tremor of gotan
This tango is for you
Postato da paula.castroborsani Mar, 12/03/2013 - 00:21
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"Gotan", goes for "tango" in lunfardo ("al vezre" meaning saying words backwards) (local language.)
"Hay milonga de amor" it's also a pun for "Ay milonga de amor" (same pronunciation), which could be translated as "Oh milonga of love."

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Hay milonga de amor

Hay milonga de amor
hay temblor de gotan trembling of gotan
este tango es para vos This tango is for you
Hay milonga de amor Hay milonga de amor


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roster 31     marzo 13th, 2013

Maybe you should tell what a 'milonga' is. Not everybody knows it.