Héroe del mundo.


Hero of the World

You want it bad, a superman
To take up the task at hand and bleed for you
You smoking gun, you riot of one
Put down the muscle and come up a fighter

Lions rage
They rattle their cage, like they’ll do
Like the fools parading they’re waiting in vain
For superman

The killers they come but you ride on, not looking back
But clouds of woe ride your head from smoking their jive

Open wide
Go packing a sidearm of truth
‘Cause the birds of the air ain’t seen hide nor hair
of superman

It ain’t a crime to be hated
Or in the clouds of mourning
Broken babies see their diamonds
In your pocket there, in the pure land
When you go to hell, they will shine as well
You are superman, you are superman, you are superman

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Héroe del mundo.

Deseas tanto a un superman
que tome la tarea a la mano y sangre por ti
tu evidencia, alboroto de uno sólo
haz la fuerza a un lado y ven como un peleador

La furia de los leones
ellos golpean su jaula, como ellos harán
como los tontos que desfilan ellos esperan en vano
para un superman

Los asesinos vienen pero tú sigues tu camino
pero nubes de dolor llenan tu cabeza con el humo de sus palabras.

Muy abierto
llevando una arma de Verdad
porqué las aves del aire no ven el escondite o el cabello
de superman

No es un crimen el ser odiado
o estar en las nubes de luto
bebés destruidos ven sus diamantes
en tu bolsillo, en la tierra pura
cuando te vayas al infierno, ellos brillarán también
tú eres superman, tú eres superman, tú eres superman

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Inglese → Spagnolo - Yorsh Kosher
    agosto 19th, 2012

Muchas gracias, Jorge, por la traduccion!
I am native Russian speakar, learning English(Itermediate) and Spanish(Elementary).
This fanvideo is based on my favourite Tv-series ReGenesis. I'm going to translate this song into Russian, but I can not understand complitely the sence of the song. Can you tell me in a few words in English, what is it about?

Yorsh Kosher     agosto 20th, 2012

You are welcome Sophia Smile
I can´t understand it either, ja ja. I think it is very simbolic, but I guess it something about step up, and be a hero, not wait for someone else to do what you have to do.
Go packing a sidearm of truth (llevando una arma de Verdad), this sentence means that you have to carry the truth with you, and use it as a weapon.
But clouds of woe ride your head from smoking their jive (pero nubes de dolor llenan tu cabeza con el humo de sus palabras)
Another way (I think) to say this would be: Clouds of pain fill your head with their words.

I hope this helps, but if you have another doubt, don´t hesitate to ask. до свидания¡¡