Come richiedo una traduzione?

Prima di tutto:
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Per richiedere una traduzione, segui queste indicazioni:

a) First, use Translation search by translations database. May be the translation you look for already exists here.

b) Second, use Request search by request database. May be the translation you look for is already requested by someone else. If that's your case, follow the link and press 'Subscribe' on the page of this request. You'll be notified by email when someone adds the translation.

c) Third, if that's not your case, use Artist search by artist database.

Sei riuscito a trovare l'artista della canzone che ti piace?

If yes, then find the title of your song on the artist's page, follow the link, and use 'Request new translation' button on the song page. If there's no such song in a song list, use 'Request new translation' button on the page. In this case you'll be asked to paste song lyrics - to make a translator able to read and translate it.

If there's no such artist, use a top page menu:
Menu -> Requests -> 'Request a translation' button.
Then you'll be asked to add artist's name and additional information about this artist (if you know any - it'll be useful for others).

If you can't go through all previous steps because you don't know an artist name and / or a song title are correctly spelled, first use Forum to identify it.

Buona fortuna!