Someday (Într-o zi)

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One lives, one loves and one dies
In a cage inundated with lies,
Each one stands at the watch and doesn't have
Time to choose the good ones from among the dogs.
The truth wanders through the newspapers,
Desperation is fed with silence,
Closer to the darkness or the sun,
Whom may you ask for some bread for dinner?
Someday...we'll give a name to the old thoughts, grabs us with everything,'s both a banquet and it's trash,
Someday...only the reconciliation cannot be.
Someday...they are beggars and too rich, night's gate I knock harder,
Someday...they are all freed from everything,
Someday...through the darkness or through the sun.
Closer to the darkness or the sun,
Closer to the mud or the sky,
What amazing event hurts us more,
How many dishonest games are asked of us?
Stay a moment and answer the question:
For whom or to whom did I lie?
Closer to the darkness or the sun,
Lives lived on a knife blade...
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Într-o zi

Se trăiește, se iubește și se moare
Într-o cușcă inundată de minciuni,
Fiecare stă la pândă și nu are
Timp să aleagă dintre javre pe cei buni.
Adevărul rătăcește prin ziare,
Disperarea se hrănește cu tăceri,
Mai aproape de-ntuneric sau de soare,


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