Keep it a Memory (Khaleeha Zikra خليها ذكرى)


Khaleeha Zikra خليها ذكرى

عم بسمع صدى
جاي من مدى
بعد ما فليت
ما عدت اهتميت
خليها ذكرى
جايي عبالي سفر
لحالي هاجر
غير لون شعري
زبط مكياجي
خبي باسبوري
خليها ذكرى
عمبشرب قهوه
لازمني صحوه
من كل هل قصة
صار لازم انسى
اتعلم صيني
أو ارجنتيني
لغير جو
لثانيه ولو
لشو تسمعني
ولا تحكيني
خليها ذكرى
خليها ذكرى
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Keep it a Memory

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I hear an echo
Coming from far away
After you left
I didn't care
Keep it a memory
I feel like traveling
Immigrating alone
Changing my hair color
Putting on makeup
Hiding my passport
By myself
Keep it a memory
I'm drinking coffee
I have to wake up
From this tale
I have to forget
Learn Chinese
Or Argentinean
A change of scenery
Even for a moment
Why would you listen to me
Or speak to me
Keep it a memory
Keep it a memory
Postato da rhoynish Ven, 29/06/2012 - 13:49
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danliofer    Mer, 20/02/2013 - 00:01

Really good lyrics, sort of sarcastic :-)