Missing Her Darling (Kultaansa Ikävöivä)

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Missing Her Darling

There is my darling, still always there
in the king's golden mansion.
Oh bird of mine, oh my darling,
why are you not coming yet!
There are girls there, gorgeous girls,
my darling does not look at them.
Oh my darling.
The flowers are beautiful, a beatiful Spring morning,
more beautiful are my darling's eyes and his ghost.
Oh my darling.
Birds are singing with their pretty beaks,
my darling's voice is prettier to hear.
Oh my darling.
Honey and its cake taste sweet,
my darling's mouth and lips something else.
Oh my darling.
Oh when will I see that joyful day;
my darling walking, treading by my side!
Oh my darling.
Autumn arrives and a Summer's day is hasting,
yet my darling is still not coming.
Oh my darling.
Come, come, my darling, come home,
or I will perish of longing and worry.
Oh my darling.
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A very simple translation just to give the idea of the song.

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Kultaansa Ikävöivä

Tuoll' on mun kultani, ain' yhä tuolla,
kuninkahan kultaisen kartanon puolla.
Voi minun lintuni, voi minun kultani,
kun et tule jo!
On siellä tyttöjä, on komioita,
kultani silmät ei katsele noita.
Voi minun kultani.


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