The Force Of Life (La Forza Della Vita)

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The Force Of Life

Even when we are throwing ourselves away
Because of anger or because of cowardice
Because of inconsolable love
Even when the home is the most unbearable place
And you cry and do not know what you want
Believe, there is a force in us, my love
Stronger than the glitter
Of this mad and useless world
It is stronger than incomprehensible death
And this nostalgy which never leaves us
When you will touch the bottom with your fingers
All of sudden you will feel the force of life
That drags you with itself
Love, you do not know
You will see that there is a way out
Even when you are eating because of the pain
And you hear you heart in the silence
Like unbearable noise
And you do not want to wake up anymore
And the world is unreachable
And even when the hope
Is not enough anymore
There is a will that challenges this death
It is our dignity, the force of life
That never asks what is the eternity
Even if there are those who offend it
Or those who sell the afterworld
When you will feel that your finger grasp
You will recognize the force of life
That drags you with itself
Never let it go
Do not leave me without you
Even in the prisons
Of our hypocrisy
Even in the hospitals
Of new disease
There is a force that watches you
And what you will recognize
It is the most stubborn force that is in us
That dreams and never gives up
Chorus:It is the will
More fragile and infinite
Our dignity
The force of life
My love, it is the force of life
That never asks what is the eternity
But which fights together with us every day
Until it will not end
Chorus: When you will feel
That your fingers grasp
You will recognize it
The force of life
The force is inside of us
Mu love, sooner or later you will feel it
The force of life
That drags you with itself
That whispers tenderly:
"Look how much life there still is"
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La Forza Della Vita

Anche quando ci buttiamo via
per rabbia o per vigliaccheria
per un amore inconsolabile
anche quando in casa il posto è più invivibile
e piangi e non lo sai che cosa vuoi
credi c'è una forza in noi amore mio
più forte dello scintillio
di questo mondo pazzo e inutile


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