Translations to
ArtistaCanzoneLingueCommenti fatti
The FallVictoriaInglese → Greco-
Katherine McNamaraEmberInglese → Greco-
Mars ArgoUsing YouInglese → Greco-
Snow PatrolChasing CarsInglese → Greco-
The OutfieldYour loveInglese → Greco-
Zara LarssonShe's Not Me - Pt. 2Inglese → Greco-
Justin BieberYou want meInglese → Greco-
Kostis MaravegiasRue MadameInglese → Greco-
GorillazTomorrow Comes TodayInglese → Greco-
Selena GomezFetishInglese → Greco-
EmikaSerious TroubleInglese → Greco-
Jesse RubenThis Is Why I Need YouInglese → Greco-
Trey SongzSlow MotionInglese → Greco-
Elvis PresleyMy WayInglese → Greco-
Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsGreen EyesInglese → Greco-
Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsIdiot PrayerInglese → Greco-
Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsFar From MeInglese → Greco-
Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsBlack HairInglese → Greco-
Junge JungeI Don't Love You (I'm Just Lonely)Inglese → Greco-
Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsWest County GirlInglese → Greco-
Mario BiondiLove Is A TempleInglese → Greco-
Sum 41Makes No DifferenceInglese → Greco-
Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsWhere Do We Go Now But NowhereInglese → Greco-
Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsThere Is A KingdomInglese → Greco-
Yngwie MalmsteenLike an AngelInglese → Greco-
Nick Cave and the Bad Seedspeople ain't no goodInglese → Greco-
Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsLime Tree ArbourInglese → Greco-
Zara LarssonShe's Not Me (Pt 1)Inglese → Greco-
Logic1-800-273-8255Inglese → Greco-
Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsHe Wants YouInglese → Greco-
Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsHiggs Boson BluesInglese → Greco-
Skylar GreyComing Home (A.N.O. Remix)Inglese → Greco-
Soy Luna (OST)StrangerInglese → Greco-
Array → Array-
Barns CourtneyGlitter & GoldInglese → Greco-
Katherine McNamaraChatterInglese → Greco-
The Red Jumpsuit ApparatusFace DownInglese → Greco-
Johannes OerdingJemanden wie dichTedesco → Greco-
Jorge VercilloSigno de ArPortoghese → Greco-
Song of the Sea (OST)Song of the Sea (Lullaby)Inglese → Greco1
Nick Cave and the Bad SeedsMermaidsInglese → Greco-
OpethPersephoneInglese → Greco-
Fields of the NephilimSheInglese → Greco-
Sum 41My DirectionInglese → Greco-
Sum 41Speak of the DevilInglese → Greco-
James BluntSomeone Singing AlongInglese → Greco-
Sum 41Heart AttackInglese → Greco-
Sum 41Thanks For NothingInglese → Greco-
Sum 41Never Wake UpInglese → Greco-
Lea MicheleOne DayInglese → Greco-
Demet AkalınKulüpTurco → Greco-
Array → Array-
Luttenberger*KlugVergiss michTedesco → Greco-
AviciiLonely TogetherInglese → Greco-
Morning ParadeSpeechlessInglese → Greco-
Bad Meets EvilLightersInglese → Greco-
BjörkThe Dull Flame Of DesireInglese → Greco-
Scissor SistersShe's My ManInglese → Greco-
My Chemical RomanceNa na naInglese → Greco-
Strays Don't SleepFor Blue SkiesInglese → Greco-
Justin BieberFriendsInglese → Greco-
My Chemical RomanceTo The End Inglese → Greco-
Charlie PuthWe Don't Talk AnymoreInglese → Greco-
Ilse De LangeThe Great EscapeInglese → Greco-
Isaiah FirebraceStreets of GoldInglese → Greco-
Trading YesterdayMay IInglese → Greco-
Trading YesterdayFor You OnlyInglese → Greco-
Greg LaswellAnd Then YouInglese → Greco-
Greg LaswellComes and goesInglese → Greco-
Jason WalkerShouldn't be a good in goodbyeInglese → Greco-
Jason WalkerEverybody LiesInglese → Greco-
EisbrecherBlut und TränenTedesco → Greco-
Joy DivisionDisorderInglese → Greco-
Maja MilinkovicEsta noite chora uma guitarra/Fado primeiroPortoghese → Greco-
KolpaHoşgeldin AyrılığaTurco → Greco-
KolpaHiç Bitmez Bu MasalTurco → Greco-
KolpaBeni UnutmaTurco → Greco-
Elvis PresleyBlue Suede ShoesInglese → Greco-
KolpaBöyle Ayrılık OlmazTurco → Greco-
KolpaYa Ayrılık Ya ÖlümTurco → Greco-
The RascalsHow Can I Be Sure?Inglese → Greco-
Alexander RybakFIFA (A gamer tribute)Inglese → Greco-
KolpaYatağın Soğuk TarafıTurco → Greco-
MalumaLa CuriosidadSpagnolo → Greco-
MalumaYa No Es NiñaSpagnolo → Greco-
Jaymes YoungWhat Is LoveInglese → Greco-
Jaymes YoungNorthern LightsInglese → Greco-
Sleeping At LastAlready GoneInglese → Greco-
Sleeping At LastLightInglese → Greco-
Sleeping At LastNorthInglese → Greco-
Sophie B. HawkinsDamn I Wish I Was Your LoverInglese → Greco-
Chester SeeNice GuysInglese → Greco-
REO SpeedwagonTake It On The RunInglese → Greco-
Sting(If You Love Somebody) Set Them FreeInglese → Greco-
Brian EnoThe Fat Lady Of LimbourgInglese → Greco-
Arcade FirePut Your Money On MeInglese → Greco-
Once Upon a Time (OST)Charmings vs. Evil QueenInglese → Greco-
Once Upon a Time (OST)Powerful MagicInglese → Greco-
PVRISEyelidsInglese → Greco-
Extreme MusicBring Me Back To LifeInglese → Greco-