Translations to
ArtistaCanzoneLingueCommenti fatti
India MartínezDeseos De Cosas ImposiblesSpagnolo → Russo-
Yoshiko YamaguchiSaraba Shanhai (さらば上海)Giapponese → Russo-
Katya ChillyБантикUcraino → Russo-
India MartínezTe cuento un secretoSpagnolo → Russo-
Münchener FreiheitUn sueño nada másSpagnolo → Russo-
Katja EbsteinThéâtreFrancese → Russo-
Array → Array-
Array → Array-
The One그대이기에Coreano → Russo-
Array → Array-
NU'ESTIf You (있다면)Coreano → Russo-
Hamilton (musical)What Comes Next?Inglese → Russo-
PesnyaryMoy rodny kut (Мой родны кут)Bielorusso → Russo-
Sum 41PiecesInglese → Russo-
3 Doors DownWhen It's OverInglese → Russo-
My Darkest DaysCan't forget youInglese → Russo-
Portugal. The ManFeel It StillInglese → Russo-
Tiki TaaneTangaroaMaori → Russo-
Kelly SweetWhy (Nothing Else Matters)Inglese → Russo-
Linkin ParkMy DecemberInglese → Russo-
Sergej ĆetkovićDa si tuSerbo → Russo-
AkuteNieba zlojeBielorusso → Russo-
India MartínezSalto del ángelSpagnolo → Russo-
DalidaLaissez-moi danser (Monday-Tuesday)Francese → Russo-
SilentRebel83The Waking DreamInglese → Russo2
Aytekin AtaşŞahdamarTurco → Russo-
ShalisaMillion LightsOlandese → Russo-
Sandie ShawKeep In TouchInglese → Russo-
Maggie MacnealAmsterdam (french version)Francese → Russo-
KayahanCanım Sıkılıyor CanımTurco → Russo5
SilentRebel83The Waking DreamInglese → Russo8
Ziynet SaliDağınık YatakTurco → Russo-
GummyBecause I Love YouCoreano → Russo-
Hillsong UnitedOceans (Where Feet May Fail)Inglese → Russo-
Oum Kalthoum2abilni welashwa2 f 3enih (قابلني والأشواق في عينيه)Arabo → Russo-
Array → Array-
SilentRebel83The Seven BeastsInglese → Russo5
Amadeus BandKraljica dodiraSerbo → Russo-
GotyeSmoke and MirrorsInglese → Russo-
ALIUSNobody Can Hear YouInglese → Russo-
Francesco GabbaniIsabelItaliano → Russo-
Francesco GabbaniImmensoItaliano → Russo-
Michalis HatzigiannisKoita me | Κοίτα μεGreco → Russo-
Ukrainian FolkОй, чорна я си, чорна,Ucraino → Russo-
Ukrainian FolkОй, віє вітер, віє буйний IIUcraino → Russo-
Ukrainian FolkДобрий Вечір Тобі IIUcraino → Russo-
WinnerI'm Him (걔 세) (MINO SOLO)Coreano → Russo-
Mark LaneganBleeding Muddy WaterInglese → Russo-
Maggie MacnealAmsterdamOlandese → Russo-
Corinne HermèsSi la vie est cadeauFrancese → Russo-
The OffspringWant you badInglese → Russo-
Isabelle AubretLa SourceFrancese → Russo-
Lyre Le TempsLooking Like ThisInglese → Russo-
Anna GermanNajszaleńszy szaławiłaPolacco → Russo-
One Less ReasonA Day To Be AloneInglese → Russo-
Kim Feel청춘 (Youth)Coreano → Russo-
Anna GermanPozwól, żeby ktoś wziął twoje sercePolacco → Russo-
Anna GermanNic nie dzieli nasPolacco → Russo-
SeetherLet You DownInglese → Russo-
Anna GermanFeralna dziewczynaPolacco → Russo-
EvanescenceNew Way To BleedInglese → Russo-
Thomas SandersThe Things We Used to ShareInglese → Russo-
HighlightMidnightCoreano → Russo-
Anna GermanStanęliśmy nad jezioremPolacco → Russo-
Anna GermanTemat (Moja barka odpływa)Polacco → Russo-
Anna GermanPiosenki przy wtórze gitaryPolacco → Russo-
Valerie BroussardA Little WickedInglese → Russo-
Anna GermanGdzieś, gdzie nie wiemPolacco → Russo-
HighlightWithout YouCoreano → Russo-
India MartínezCorazón hambrientoSpagnolo → Russo-
GD&TOPDon't Go Home (집에 가지마)Coreano → Russo-
HighlightStay (가까이)Coreano → Russo-
Highlight12:30Coreano → Russo-
SabatonHill 3234Inglese → Russo-
Jonas BlueMamaInglese → Russo-
Sandie Shaw(I Can't Get No) SatisfactionInglese → Russo2
Barbara WeldensÀ mes flancsFrancese → Russo35
Children's SongsPomme pêche poire abricotFrancese → Russo-
Children's SongsDo do l'enfant doFrancese → Russo-
Children's SongsIl court, il court, le furetFrancese → Russo-
SilentRebel83NorthInglese → Russo-
Phil WickhamThe Secret PlaceInglese → Russo-
Z.TAOI'm the SovereignCinese → Russo-
Evan WickhamHallelujah JesusInglese → Russo-
Alina OrlovaSalomeInglese → Russo-
Chris ReaShe gave it awayInglese → Russo-
Zakk WyldeSleeping DogsInglese → Russo-
Alexa CurtisWe AreInglese → Russo-
EXOThe Eve (전야)Coreano → Russo-
Eric CarmenGo All The WayInglese → Russo-
Ewa FarnaReinkarnačníCeco → Russo-
Blue SwedeHooked On a FeelingInglese → Russo-
José VélezNo, por favorSpagnolo → Russo-
Emil LassariaFiestaSpagnolo → Russo-
Eila PellinenKaksi kitaraaFinlandese → Russo-
Anna ClendeningBoys Like YouInglese → Russo-
Cornelis VreeswijkBalladen om herr Fredrik Åkare och den söta fröken Cecilia LindSvedese → Russo-
Udo JürgensWalk AwayInglese → Russo-
Udo JürgensTell Me WhyInglese → Russo-
PENTAGON (PTG)GorillaCoreano → Russo-