The Song of the Walloons


Li Tchant des Walons

Nos estans firs di nosse pitite patreye,
Ca lådje et lon, on djåze di ses efants.
Å prumî rang, on l' mete po l' industreye
Et dvins les årts, ele riglatixh ostant.
Nosse tere est ptite, mins nos avans l' ritchesse
Des omes sincieus k' anôblixhèt leu nom.
Et nos avans des libertés timpesse:
Vola pocwè k' on-z est firs d' esse Walons !

Di nosse passé cwand c' est k' on lét l' istwere,
On s' recresteye vormint a tchaeke foyou.
Et nosse cour crexhe cwand c' est k' on tuze al glwere
Di nos vîs peres ki n' avît måy pawou.
C' est gråce a zels ki ns djouwixhans del påye.
Il ont språtchî l' innmi dzo leu talon.
On ls a rclamé les pus vayants k' i gn åye:
Vola pocwè k' on-z est fir d' esse Walon !

Pitit payis, vos k' a tant d' grandeu d' åme,
Nos vos inmans bén, sins k' nos l' breyanxhe tot hôt.
Cwand on vs kidjåze, ås ouys montèt nos låmes
Et nos sintans nosse cour bate a gros côps !
N' åyîz nole sogne et vikez e liyesse,
Di vos efants, les bresses et l' cour sont bons.
Et nos avans les tchveas foirt près del tiesse:
Vola pocwè k' on-z est fir d' esse Walon !

On s' voet voltî inte frés del Walonreye
Et on-z est presse onk l' ôte a s' diner l' mwin.
On fwait plaijhi bén sovint sins k' on l' deye.
Nouk ni s' håynêye cwand c' est k' i vout fé l' bén.
Li tchårité ki mousse el måjhinete
N' î va k' al nute avou meye precôcions.
Li pô k' on dene on nel dene k' e catchete:
Vola pocwè k' on-z est fir d' esse Walon !

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Le Chant des Wallons (The Song of the Walloons) is the anthem of Wallonia (Belgium).

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The Song of the Walloons

Of our land Wallonia we are proud.
Her children are esteemed the world over.
Behold the triumph of her industry,
The grandeur of her arts!
Though our land be small, still her science
Surpasses that of many a populous nation
What we yearn for most is our freedom.
That is why we are proud to be Walloons!

We Walloons are brothers to one another
And comfort one another in distress
We do good without boasting about it
And try to keep it secret
Charity visiting a poor cottage
Goes by night and cautiously
We may give little, but it comes from the heart.
That is why we are proud to be Walloons!

O humble land of Wallonia,
Modestly we hail thee, land of our hearts' desire.
We are saddened when men speak ill of thee.
It truly breaks the heart!
But fear not attacks from the enemy
Thy children will defend thy high repute.
Who dare affront our anger?
That is why we are proud to be Walloons!

We love between brothers in Wallonia
And we're willing each other to shake hands.
We are pleased that we do not often say so.
No one appears when it wants to do good.
The charity that enters the house
Is that going to night with a thousand precautions.
The little that gives no one gives in secret:
That's why we are proud to be Walloons!

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Not my translation.

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