Everything is easy for you, ain't it?
To destroy, spill and strike here and there
We drink it all, Drink till we're satisfied
Come on, you too, keep up with me.

New generation 'x' is coming
How nice is it, how very chick like
The alternative youth is now uprising
If you're ready to jump, don't wait, jump
Jump, don't wait

how very red, those red hairs
with 3 stripes, on those striped shoes
its quite familiar, these attitudes
If you're ready to jump, don't wait, just jump.

Those pants with the long chains
How very deceiving, are those eyes
Open up any heart, and enter it
take that pogo, and just go nuts
Jump, Don't wait.

We take without queries
We live without meanings
What we think we own,
Actually owns us.
Jump, Don't wait.

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