Lisa's Piano (Lisa se Klavier)

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Lisa's Piano

I have a friend at the far blue sea
By the side of the Table Mountain, as the sun sets, she plays the most beautiful melodies
Her fingers know the way on the black and white
The piano's greatest joy, sadness and longing, nderstanding the heart's deepest pain
Yes, all the world falls silent and listens in the dark hours
To the nightly sounds of Lisa's Piano
And Lisa can't stop if she first started
And she doesn't let me go home or say goodbye, not for my last cigarette
I stadt on her balcony, I drink her apricot tea
Looking out to Cape Town in the night, the lights, and the black, black sea
Chorus (x2)
And down on the sidewalk, I see the beggar and his partner
Standing up and looking far up, from the garbage of Orange Street
They know the sounds will stream out of ner apartment all the time
Long after midnight, with the door open, all the neighbours are complaining about how
Lisa is becoming every beggar's dream
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Lisa se Klavier

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