The bad (Mala)

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The bad

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Are you hide in badness
you wear like a princess
but you can`t fool me anymore
You sponsor(take) money from any wallet,
But you can fool me anymore.
Apparently you are a lady
but you made your fame in bad
and so many times you will try ..
Bad with d from damned sea
you think you`re so beautiful but you are ugly
inside you`re so ugly
Bad with d from damned destiny
In the day that i kiss your lips was like death for me...
The bad
Your smile hide the badness
your liers don`t disturb me anymore
You will find other stupid.
You collect in your black list
so many names that i you don`t remember anymore
You will find other stupid
Apparently you are a lady
but you made your fame in bad
and so many times you will try ..
The bad
Your caresses are very expensive
Your consciousness is loaded
You want all but in the end you don`t have nothing..
You`re so bad...The bad...
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Te camuflas entre la maleza
vas vestida como una princesa
pero a mi ya no me engañaras…yeah
Te alimentas de cualquier cartera
y descartas las que van ligeras
pero a mi ya no me engañ


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    agosto 20th, 2012

Thank you for your attempt, but there are so many mistakes. I will list some comments for you to consider:

1. The title does not need the definite article, just "Bad" is correct.
2. Block 1, line 1: la maleza - should it be (hiding) "in the weeds" ?
3. Block 1, line 2: "You wear like a princess" should be "You dress like a princess"
4. I don't understand your translation of block 2. The third line should be "You can't (not can) fool me anymore"
5. Block 3, line 2: "you made your fame in bad" should be "you made your reputation in bed"
6. Block 5, line 2: "tus mentiras" should be "your lies" not "your liers"
7. Block 6, line 1: "black list" - a black list is a list of banned people; does it mean a "black book" which is a list of contacts and lovers ?
8. Block 8, line 2: "Your consciousness is loaded" - should this be "your conscience is cheap" ?
9. Block 8, line 3: "you don't have nothing" - English does not allow a double negative. It should be "you don't have anything"

I hope this is helpful for you.

    agosto 31st, 2012

Would someone else be willing to try an English translation of this song? Please and thank you.