Girl of My Heart (Meri Lewa) [ Meri Lewa ]

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Girl of My Heart (Meri Lewa)

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For all you boys who are a long way away from the girls of your hearts, tell your girl this. Listen, listen.
Girl of my heart, i miss you very much
And i worry far too much about you.
It's been a long time since i got a letter from you
And i'm writing this letter now
So that i don't lose you forever.
Girl of my heart, you came and changed my life
I'm always thinking about you when i'm with my guys
And why my mind is always busy on you and you alone
I want to be with you at Butawin (Butawin is a sea)
It doesnt matter where I am
Good memories of you always come into my mind
It's like i am in my canoe in the water and you are on the ground
I dont think if i turn my head you'll be a fake [i know youre not cheating on me]
Girl, i think about you too much.
I say that I am coming back to see you, and this is true.
I am still a man of Papua New Guinea
And it won't be a long time before i come back and see you.
Oooh it's not good if you lose your thoughts about me [dont forget me] yeah x 2
[im] Thinkin about you girl because I'm so far away from you
Wanting you to know that this love for you is always true
Not a day goes by that I don't see you in my eye
But I try to carry on my guard [im] so lonely I could die [i try to act strong and fine with being away from you but inside i am lonely]
And my heart feelin the sparks that you be givin me
Why are we in two different places, girl, you know it's insanity
The man in me is what I got to find to carry on
This song is what I'm sending to you girl, it's been too long.
Postato da giggle.gurl1 Mar, 12/10/2010 - 23:39
Commenti dell'autore:

this is not a rough translation because some of the sayings would not make any sense if i translated them directly. However it is pretty accurate. The original song is in the language Tok Pisin from Papua New Guinea.

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