MI LIFE WITHOUT YOU (Mi vida sin ti)

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one more day
starts again
the moon sleeps in san sebastian
seek thing to do
i hear the rain and think about you
you are so handsome
while waking up
your hair messed up
you make me happy
seeing you by my side, i think about you
lets love us all our life
just like day and night love it when they talk about you
lets love each other any day
because i rather die, to being without you
nothing else is the same
when your not here
i heard my balance laugh
and think about you
i think about you
you come back to me
peace that i loved once , now comes back
frontal crash
noone alive
and im without you
i need you here
close to me
very close to me, very close
i need you here
seeing you happy
that you come back for me
to come back to love me, take care of me, laid me down, talk to me. and give me your hand, a kiss, a gift,
seeing you with me, feeling you with me
and telling you that i await you, that i miss you
i want to understand my life without you
i dont want to hear anybodys conforts
i want to scream
run towards you
i dont want to have to die( did you notice?)
i want to live thinking about you
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Mi vida sin ti

Un día mas
vuelve a empezar
duerme la luna en San Sebastián
busco q hacer
oigo llover y pienso en ti
Que guapo estas
Al despertar


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