One night at louki (Mia vradia sto louki | Μια βραδιά στο λούκι)

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One night at louki

Last night while i was drinking with my best friend
i turn around and i see 2 eyes 2 "little" eyes
i turn to mine (my friend) "my type, NIkola"
"mine too" he answer, and this is where everything started.
I focused to magnetize her
these are difficult tricks they do in India
i tell you the truth, i completely failed
she wasn't paying attention at all.
As you understand i didn't have any chance
but i continued to stare
my friend was whining, "Haris, i'm talking to you"
"tell me, is she looking at you?", "not at all" i replied
At one moment her glance wandered around
and stopped on me like she was looking for sth
i panicked an and i though, God she's looking at me
but she was looking for the waiter
Help me, Christians (/people), i going crazy
i'm losing myself for her and she doesn't even know me
oh i would like to be a breeze, smoke from a cigarette
to get in her shirt even if she doesn'e want me
Help me, Christians, i'm going crazy
i'm jealous of everyone who looks at her and talks to her
but most of 'm jealous of the one she loves
while her body is shivering and while she faints
Postato da emilych10 Dom, 24/06/2012 - 16:37
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i tried my best, but some lines required free translation since it's difficult to translate everything from greek to english

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Mia vradia sto louki | Μια βραδιά στο λούκι

Προχτές εκεί που τα 'πινα με κάποιο κολλητό μου
κοιτώ και βλέπω πίσω μου δυο μάτια δυο ματάκια
γυρίζω στον δικό μου, ο τύπος μου, Νικόλα
και μένα, μ' απαντάει, και εκεί αρχίσαν όλα


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evfokas     giugno 25th, 2012

Thank you for your translation but you can try easier songs with less idiomatic expressions.
Some corrections
"στο λούκι" is "down the drain"
"με κάποιο κολλητό μου" is "with a buddy (of mine)"
"στον δικό μου" is "to my man"
"Χριστιανοί" is "good people"
"φλιπάρω" is "flip out" since it has english origin
"χάνομαι" is "perishing" since here it means dying
"αχ, να 'μουνα" is "ah, I'd rather be"
"στα στήθια της" is "in her breasts" since if he were breeze or smoke she would inhale him
"σαν τρέμει το κορμάκι της και σαν λιγοθυμάει" is "for whom her body shivers and she feels like fainting"

emilych10     ottobre 14th, 2012

evfokas, you're absolutely right. Thank you for the corrections!

I didn't translate the title the way you did though, since as far as I'm concerned, "λούκι" is a bar in Thessaloniki (Λούκι Λουκ) where the song was written or something like that...

Anyway, thanks again!