Prayer [ molitva (gospodi ne ohnuy` ne vzdohnut`) Молитва  ]

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God, i can´t moan, can´t sigh –
Days are flying in a blizzard whirl.
Life is a path from the birth to the death,
It´s a dim, hidden, lonely way.
God, I can´t moan, can´t sigh!
Snow… And we are talking together,
how to overcome this great winter…
We have to overcome it,
To hear a thunder in spring again.
God, we are thankful that we live!
We are going out together in the snowfall,
And four footprints after us,
Left by the boots,
Are following us, spying…
God, the snowstorm makes you so glad!
Where are my first steps?
The first road is snowbound,
And the rest will be covered little by little,
by mercy of the responsive fate.
God, thank you for the help!
Postato da Mutlu Dom, 29/05/2011 - 13:58

molitva (gospodi ne ohnuy` ne vzdohnut`) Молитва

Господи, не охнуть, не вздохнуть —
дни летят в метельной круговерти.
Жизнь — тропинка от рожденья к смерти,
смутный, скрытый, одинокий путь.


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