Not yes , not no (Ni oui ni non)

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Not yes , not no

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A little sweeter, a little more salty
No, I rather prefer rather when it is spiced
A little older, a little shorter
No, me I prefer to walk rather
A little lighter, a bit cheaper
No, I rather prefer the mountains to the sea
A little more white, slightly darker
No, I rather prefer people who dare to believe
He asked me nonstop
What is the right way to go
Living & hesitation
And that you can understand me well
A little more cool, a little boring
I like being alone and I also like the crowd
A little longer, a little shorter
I like them to let me do that and not get drunk
A little happier, a little sadder
I like love stories that make me whine
A little closer, a little further
I like to think to myself if we do not see
I like people to think of me even if we do not see it
A little further right, a little more left
I'd rather not rely on anyone
More money for you, a little less for them
And then when do they give me some?
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