No Title (Zoteria Juaj)

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No Title

why is your wife criticizing me
i love your daughter and she is the reason for my struggle
you called me a hooligan and a wreck, and a wreck
and said "you're not for my daughter, you homeless (person)"
when i call on the phone you swear and yell
you don't let your daughter out in the city
why don't you accept me, please tell me
she loves me too madam
you called me sick and crazy
and "you're poor and don't have a house"
i don't have another heart, or noble soul
i'm not old and rich like you
Postato da Balkaneuro Ven, 01/01/2010 - 00:00

Zoteria Juaj

Pse po me qortoni zotria juaj
vajzen tua e dua dhe per te vuaj
me quajtet huligan dhe shkatran, dhe shkatran
dhe sje per vajzen time more rrugac, more rrugac
kur theras ne telefon shane e bertet, shane e bertet
vajzen tua se leshoni ne qytet, ne qytet
pse spo na lejoni te lutem me thuaj


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