Trick but stay [ Obmani, No Ostan'sya (Обмани, но останься) ]

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Trick but stay

If only you knew how happy i am now
You don't have to cheer me up, just listen and don't believe
If only you knew how cozy it is in the emptiness
It feels lonely and free, just like you wanted it to be
Without casting away the shadow behind you
If you want, i'll drink this cup for two
And put the fullstops in your dots, dots, dots
The black ring appeared to be numer zero
This is all i got left
So leave it with me
I still don't believe, i still don't believe
But you won't find out, you won't see my tears
The broken bracch will never accrete
And, leaving me, never regret
And, saying goodbye forever, trick but stay
Trick but stay
If you want, i'll leave, i'll remove the wire from the network
I spoiled the whole celebration
Dear, let me go
If only you knew how happy i am now
Don't heal my soul, Master, i won't be able to follow you
I'm longing for you, i breath you
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Obmani, No Ostan'sya (Обмани, но останься)

Если бы ты знал, как я счастлива теперь
Утешать меня не нужно - просто слушай и не верь
Если бы ты знал, как уютно в пустоте
Одиноко и свободно - всё как ты того хотел
Не отбрасывая тень следом за тобой
Хочешь я допью эту чашу за двоих


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