I would have come (Olisin kyllä tullut)

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I would have come

I would have come to you
but the world is rocking like a ship
its eyes are glassy eyes
and its mouth stays shut
It raises the bottle on its lips
takes a swig and smokes a cigarette
and the ground stays still under my feet
I have been drinking again
I tried to get in
but even your door was a drunk
It objected my every request
and didn't agree to open
And words fell out of its mouth
those devious little whores
who agreed into every position
with everyone, on every bed
And I sought comfort from them
I said that the doors were made
originally to let people in
and those whores caressed me
No-one is human
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Olisin kyllä tullut

Olisin kyllä tullut luoksesi
mutta maailma keinuu kuin laiva
sen silmät ovat lasiset silmät
ja sen suu pysyy vaiti
Se nostaa pullon huulilleen
ottaa huikan ja polttaa tupakkaa
ja maa pysyy vakaana jalkojeni alla


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