Jippu - Päivä Päivältä Vain (traduzione in Inglese)

traduzione in Inglese

Just Day After Day

Just day after day I was disappointed in what I got
in these whirlpools of the madness of the land
the soul embrittled, the mind bent down to ground
is that just always the place of man?
I can't, Jesus, take anything anymore
hear the poor prayer
be with me, it is dark now
I was disappointed in the answers
disappointed in the people with empty words
the words just echoed hollowly
when I understood that again
I came back to the start
where the right sentences can be found
I can't…
Lord, to you now
I come, disappointed in everything
I'm emptier than ever before
only to the longing
to this of everyday
teach to listen to your speech
I can't…
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Päivä Päivältä Vain

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