Gravity (Painovoimaa)

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Every morning I get up to fall
From high jumpers heaven
I've ascended and I land to the earth
Still struggling during the day
At night fighting against the force of

Everyone understands tears of a clown
You are a drama queen
You've repeated those gestures a thousand times
You read spells
Persuading miss Fortune
But your devils, they just won't go away

The worst nightmare of the high jumper comes true
The effect of the gravity is lost
In the moment of the takeoff it happens
Soon the man recedes into the skyline
He longs back
He longs back

Cold ground under my feet vanishes
I fall through the clouds
I fall in love but never fully
Anyone can say they understand
The tears of a clown
The tears

You'll come and dance with me on a knife-edge, won't you?
We can slip together.
Martyr's cloak is put on our shoulders.
Others can look down their nose and point at us

We say
It's gravity

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