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A la vejez, viruelasSpagnolo-
пресечь в корнеRusso2
подавить в зародышеRusso2
er/sie hat einen DachschadenTedesco7
Kafayı yekmekTurco7
bei ihm/ ihr ist eine Schraube lockerTedesco7
Ti manca una rotellaItaliano7
Er / sie hat nicht alle Tassen im SchrankTedesco7
Ce n’est pas la mort du petit chevalFrancese2
Il n'y a pas mort d'hommeFrancese2
Ce n'est pas la fin du mondeFrancese2
Avoir la cagneFrancese1
Avoir la flemmeFrancese1
to set the courseInglese1
Se bouléguerFrancese-
die Weichen stellenTedesco1
Не за горамиRusso-
hatchet jobInglese-
топорная работаRusso-
De klok hebben horen luiden maar niet weten waar de klepel hangtOlandese-
under the roseInglese-
adrenaline junkieInglese-
blue sky thinkingInglese-
bring a knife to a gun fightInglese-
blue devilsInglese-
quick buckInglese-
rerrange the deck chairs on the titanicInglese-
run with scissorsInglese-
run around like a chicken with it's head cut offInglese-
take a bulletInglese-
take a dim view of something or someoneInglese-
take a shot in the darkInglese-
twilight yearsInglese-
....موت يا حمارArabo (altre varietà)2
wait for the other shoe to dropInglese-
babe in the woodsInglese-
Wake up and smell the coffeeInglese-
know which side of one's bread is butteredInglese-
eat one's wordsInglese-
the apple of one's eyeInglese-
as cool as a cucumberInglese-
big cheeseInglese-
like water off a duck's backInglese-
butterflies in the stomachInglese-
hear it straight from the horse's mouthInglese-
eat like a horseInglese-
let a cat out of the bagInglese-
Russo #1, #2
be as busy as a beeInglese-
monkey businessInglese-
Inglese, Russo #1, #2
go with the timesInglese-
gravy trainInglese-
Russo #1, #2
sail close to the windInglese-
have one's head in the cloudsInglese-
喜びあれば悲しみあり(yorokobi areba kanashime ari)Giapponese-
know the drillInglese-
欲の袋に底なし (yoku no fukuro ni soko nashi)Giapponese-
“Biraz zaman geçsin, her şeyi unutacaksın. Biraz zaman geçsin her şey seni unutacak.”Turco-
Sit Tibi Terra LevisLatino4
Rolling stoneInglese17
Bala perdidaSpagnolo17
Oveja descarriadaSpagnolo17
take the heatInglese-
put one's foot in one's mouthInglese-
Avoid someone like the plagueInglese13
Evitar algo o a alguien como (a) la pesteSpagnolo13
Not worth the paper it's written onInglese-
падать ницRusso-
Bring owls to AthensInglese-
Free one's horsesInglese-
подумать только!Russo1
Murder will outInglese3
to cut it too fatInglese2
pass aufSloveno12
Don't (you) blow it!Inglese1
Vermassel es bloß nicht!Tedesco1
Gente allegra il ciel l'aiutaItaliano-
φυτρώνω εκεί που δε με σπέρνουνGreco1
ούτε βήμαGreco1
this is the thin edge of the wedgeInglese3
Это еще цветочки, а ягодки впередиRusso3
the worst is yet to comeInglese3
То ли еще будетRusso3
Grow legs (and walk away)Inglese-
Gözden çıkarmakTurco-
Allah'ın unuttuğu bir yerTurco-
Never mindInglese2
καρφώνω τα μάτιαGreco-
μου καρφώθηκε η ιδέαGreco-
Gato con guantes no caza ratonesSpagnolo3
Få fnattSvedese14
Puntare in altoItaliano1
눈 감다Coreano78
to wag one's tongueInglese2
vicious circleInglese2
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