First grader's poem (Pjesma djaka prvaka)

traduzione in Inglese

First grader's poem

Farewell, grandma, dear relative,
To school they take me this morning
There they will surely beat me
I won't come home to you alive
Farewell, silver fleeced lamb
Your shepherd has perished
Farewell, cow, milking machine
The devil took the joke,
Send regards to my dear calf,
I will perish today, they say
My last goodbyes I send to you
Avenge me with your mighty horn
Goodbye kicking horse
I will die reading,
In advance my soul is chilled
I won't ride you anymore
Come on, help a victim
We'll run away even to Lika.
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Pjesma djaka prvaka

Zbogom, bako, mili rode,
U skolu me jutros vode,
Tamo ce me vazdan tuci,
Ziv ti necu doci kuci.
Zbogom jagnje sviloruno,
Coban ti je poginuo.
Zbogom, kravo, mlijecna spravo,


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