Very Lucky [ Poly Tyheri (Πολύ τυχερή) ]

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Very Lucky

If love is the road for two in this life
I'll go with you without caring about "where" and "why"
Next to you I fell I am..
I'm very lucky,very lucky that I have you
you exist and life has a meaning for me
I'm very lucky,very lucky with you I'm fling
too many reasons but one is enough,I love you
If love is a trip looking for a destination
for us there's only one ticket and it's for both of us
Next to you I fell I am..
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Poly Tyheri (Πολύ τυχερή)

Αν είναι η αγάπη ο δρόμος για δύο σ΄αυτή τη ζωή
μαζί σου θα φύγω χωρίς να με νοιάζει το που και γιατί
νιώθω κοντά σου πως είμαι...


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