To love blindly (por amar a ciegas)

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To love blindly

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i asked a Father about love and he told me
To give it to God.
To not feel lonley
To be alone was better
Then to live an illusion
I asked an artist about love at first sight
He told me was an error
That only exist in Novellas
Without love in life to be more realistic
And now that i dont have, i realize all that time
Lost, that i lost with you
Well to love you blindly
I didnt listen to anyone, so now im loveless
Everyone told me, eceryone warned me
That there are flowers with torns
I asked a man about love and he told me
to ignore it is whats best
That im a young man, money should be more important.
Postato da Ospite Mer, 22/04/2009 - 18:11
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you can find out the rest


por amar a ciegas

Yo le pregunte al pastor del amor y el me dijo
Que se lo entregara a dios.
Que no me sintiera solo
Que estar solo era mejor
Que vivir de una ilusión
Yo le pregunte a un artista del amor a primera vista
Dijo que era un error
Que será de un novelista


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    maggio 8th, 2009

this is the best song i love it so much