Reasons (Razones)

traduzione in Inglese


I miss you, I tell the air
I look for you, think of you, feel you, and feel
that there will be noone like you
And here I wait, with my little life box
tired, in darkness, with fear
and this cold, noone takes it from me.
I have reasons, to look for you
I have a necesity to see you, hear you, talk to you
I have reasons, to wait for you
Because I dont think there is anyone else in the world who I love
I have reasons, many reasons
To ask the wind for you to come back
even if it is like a shadow
I have reasons, for not wanting to forget you
because the little slice of happiness, it was you who gave it to me.
The air smells like you, my house falls because you are not here
My sheets, my hair, my clothes are looking for you
My feet are like cardboard
That I drag in every corner
My bed becomes cold and gigantic
And in it I get lost
My house falls again
My flowers die of sadness
My tears are puddles
That fall at my feet
I send you water kisses
To make a hole in your soul
I send you water kisses
To bathe your body and soul
I send you water kisses
So they heal your injuries
I send you water kisses
Of those you laughed so much with.
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Te echo de menos, le digo al aire
te busco, te pienso, te siento y siento
que como tu no habra nadie
y aqui te espero, con mi cajita de la vida
cansada, a oscuras, con miedo
y este frio, nadie me lo quita
Tengo razones, para buscarte


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    aprile 16th, 2009

Thanks for translating the lyrics. I've been looking for the Lyrics in English for a long time now. thanks again.

Ro101     settembre 20th, 2010

Thanks, it means a lot to get a reply to a translation Smile

    ottobre 22nd, 2009

nice lyrics

black roses     maggio 21st, 2013