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  • maluca
    Hi, I tried to use an english more informal, like the portuguese version... I think "I'm full of cash" is something a guy like this would say and I used "big car" because i the video he sings "ca...  altro
  • dionysius
    Danke! I was thinking the middle part ("Ich glaubte...") was just not right!
  • sahir.kavi
    hi, i'm not a proffesional translator, so sorry about the bad translation. i'm gonna remove it.
  • maluca
    Oi, muito obrigada, vou ver se eu acho as diferencias ao portugues brasileiro... :) Depois de botar essa musica na roda eu fiquei pensando se nao fosse uma boa traduccao pra "I'm easy" -> "Tô de b...  altro
  • Adieu19999
    Dear Émeraude-Aimée: I can assure you that you're quite a distance away from the definition of insanity. LT could use more highly talented people just as yourself. Let the following excerpt fro...  altro
  • maluca
    My take would be: was ich noch nicht verstand ->what I couldn't understand then Ich glaubte zu verlieren Was noch niemals, niemals meine war -> I thought I would lose what had never ever b...  altro
  • roster 31
    I think it's fine to say "a las nubes" to match the rest, but you missed one: third stanza, first verse. Challengching task acomplished! Great! Best to you. *Explanation (in case it is neede...  altro
  • maluca
    Starting at 4:20 there are lyrics in several different languages, would be nice to get them all penned down...
  • Sciera
    Please use proper capitalization on title and artist, and don't put things into the lyrics field that don't belong to the lyrics (stuff like "read more on..."). I've corrected that.
  • Sciera
    I'll ask the admins to merge it.
  • sydrhill
    Haha well that's okay :D
  • Sara Ba
    I don't understand French so I think I can't help much here :)
  • Slyzder
    Hey there :), thanks first of all for your translation ;)! I wanted to correct some verses: "I'm through fighting it" - "He acabado de lucharlo" "All that's real and true" - "Todo que es real y v...  altro
  • Sara Ba
    The song (Ty Grustish') here, I guess it's the same but entered twice, each with a different featuring artist, and each has many translations, I don't know what can u do about this. http://lyricstr...  altro
  • Malivone
    Tut mir leid, Sciera, ich habe mich geirrt, dies ist die deutsche Version von "Rencontre". Die beide sind von Reinhard (Frédérik) Mey gesungen. Ich habe korrigiert, danke!
  • sydrhill
    Thanks for the correction!! As far as that stanza goes I tried making some changes especially to the last line to hopefully make some more sense out of it. If you have any suggestions for it though to...  altro
  • biso1
    Very bad translation
  • una de dos piedras
    Hi, Rosa, Thank you so much for the additional corrections and suggestions. Re. ahora, I entirely agree with you; I agree it sounds much more natural in Spanish at the beginning. That was another t...  altro
  • Sara Ba
    Hi thanks for the translation, just a minor mistake: (When we are really little) = When we (were) really little And I didn't understand this paragraph actually: I will remind them Of the color...  altro
  • Jane Doe
    Oh, I get it. Thank you for helping with it!
  • Adieu19999
    Uh-oh! 'Tu şi eu' + [(ooohhh)] :)
  • chimeera
    oopse typo
  • Sciera
    I don't know how to write Chinese letters but it's quite easy to type Japanese kanji with my German keyboard here, so I don't really see the problem. But, since you now added the lyrics, that's fine....  altro
  • seefang5
    I put it up, someone found the lyrics in the characters. I live in the US and thus don't have access to a character keyboard
  • georgiaz73
  • Sciera
    Click on "edit" and then on "delete".
  • roster 31
    Let's take care of the 'remaining ones'. First stanza - "castillos de helado/ca@ones de plumas". (no articles) Fifth - "OTRA función/ los DEJAS In seventh, you have two typos, "sentirme" and "deci...  altro
  • licorna.din.vis
    Chiar că e eteric, dar cred că l-am rezolvat. Îngeri coboară, Albi şi moi, Cerul de-afară Coace ploi. Ei îmi dau aripi să zbor… sus Şi le-aş da din clipe ore-n plus. Am să vin...  altro
  • roster 31
    Hi Evan, what a pretty song you have chosen! You know how much I admire your poetic tendencies, but I am not sure weather some lines in this translation are part of your originality or misinterpretat...  altro
  • roster 31
    Hola Evan! Pretty song I didn't know. A question: First stanza, fourth verse, you say " don't have the word for it", does it mean "you can't trust my word", or something like that? That's what it m...  altro
  • ononmusik
    Dear admin! There is a problem For example for the song MELEK ROJHAT/ BAVE MIHEMED SALIH I did requests for more than 20 languages and they were available yesterday Now only translations left and a...  altro
  • Knee427
    ILoveMoscow15, do you really speak all the languages you say you speak? I doubt you're capable of speaking Sumerian, specially because it was spoken 5000 years ago.
  • khaosis
    Thanks for the information. I, however, have no interest in scoring points on this site; I just registered for getting in touch. I did Eng->Ger translations of two full Deathspell Omega albums (if you...  altro
  • smart_herbivore
  • nightchriss
    Thank you for your recommendation! Actually, this "sen igår" is a bit confusing. I thought that "men" means also injury, mark (except for "but") so I figured that it may have this meaning here.
  • Sciera
    Hi. You can't send PMs because you're a new user - you first need to get some points by adding lyrics, translations etc. If you want to discuss something specific, a comment beneath the translation i...  altro
  • khaosis
    Hi Sciera. Sorry for this unorthodox off-topic reply, but this site won't let me PM or mail you. I would like to specifically talk to you about Deathspell Omega translations. Is there any other possib...  altro
  • Merve306
    Allah aşkına kaldırın şu şarkıyı, bu maNga'nın şarkısı değil. Hadi diyelim ki cover, o videodaki söyleyen kişi Ferman değil. Kristinna please remove this lyrics. The voice in that vi...  altro
  • Knee427
    Please remove the song's original title from the 'Song title translation' field. Add there only the translated song title. Please do that in all the translations you added the original song title i...  altro
  • tanyas2882
    Спасибо, Олександр! Я рада, что такие прекрасные песни теперь доступны на наших языках!
  • Fani1993
    Γειά σου! Το τραγούδι σου χρειάζεται βίντεο, όταν μπορέσεις σε παρακαλώ κάνε ένα update!! Ευχαριστώ! ;)
  • Sciera
    "Französische Version"? Ne, die (halb-)französische Version ist hier:
  • Sara Ba
    Great translation :) I believe it's a better translation to say (Raise your Keffiyeh and role it high) instead of (Raise your Keffiyeh raise it) Also please add the below lyrics of the (Mawwal) the...  altro
  • Élisabetk
    Thank you so much! :) It's a great song!
  • talbabitzky
    thank you so much for the translation of this beautiful song
  • vovan_1791
    Обращаюсь к "Natoska". Живу в Украине и тоже люблю балканскую культуру, особенно музыку. Мои любимые испольнители ...  altro
  • Girlyq3
    Thank you ...:)
  • silvia.luparello.3
    Oddio, ahahah, quando si dice la casualità... :)
  • vovan_1791
    Куда все подевались, что никто не слушает Тоше? Большое спасибо за перевод, но хочется больше переводов песен ...  altro
  • Eowyn
    Abbiamo postato il testo tradotto nello stesso minuto :P
  • Adieu19999
    Forgive her, my kind Calusarul. Not everyone is as free, or I should say, without a busy schedule. Dear aylin_22, We're simply trying to drive at a couple of errors in your translation. And I'...  altro