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  • Shungqar
    yaragan > yaralghan örtendi > ötemdu sügündün > shu kündin mecnunlarsa > mejnunlarche his kalmadi > hich qalmidi cana madar > janda madar Sanırım çigkilimakta yerine ching qalmaqta di...  altro
  • amy_ambi
    I'd like to translate this website on Bosnian.. if it's possible :D
  • Valeriu Raut
    Please choose yourself an avatar, an image to represent you on LT. Every member has one. - Years ago I have visited Bratislava.
  • nefret
    Hvala. Dobar prevod. Samo "čaša već odavno prazna je - čaša ili prazno srce - meni isto je!" / "бокал уже давно пуст - пуст бокал, или сердце - мне все ...  altro
  • disenchanted
    Thank you! I'm glad I learned something new :)
  • Sjęgniew
    Right, but when I wrote "mundane" I had in mind "overuse". There are simply too many English songs. Everybody must to reach broader audience? Singing in own language and be artistically acclaimed shou...  altro
  • John Kimble
    Fantastic! Thank you!
  • kenax
    Because they'd reach a broader audience? And English isn't as mundane is you'd think, especially compared to Danish. And because the languages are different, you can do different things with them. And...  altro
  • Sjęgniew
    She should sang in Dutch. English is such mundane and vulgatus. Why young artist even begin to sing in foreign language? into Polish  altro
  • DanNL
    Yeah she is. She is really good friends with my brother, it's one of his best friends. So, she came over a lot, and eventually we became friends too. It's really cool ^__^
  • stefanmani
  • xKumii
    If I may Folgt auf Schatten wirklich Licht -> Licht is the subject in the sentence. Meaning that "Folgt Licht wirklich auf Schatten".
  • Jamilet Bryant
  • Dirk McQuickly
    :) It's not a big deal, you are welcome.
  • lenaraqs
    My goodness! You translated it so fast! I cannot thank you enough!!! It's a cute song :) Thanks again!
  • roderock
    Outside so I use the sty sometimes and then sometimes I use this which is the same ideas that this is a black Had better the content aloe notary notary community group team Vera in North America and...  altro
  • Fani1993
    perpatau>perpatao or perpataw mas>pas pau>pao or paw xahasmena>xehasmena or ksexasmena or ksehasmena
  • evfokas
    Thank you too Rosa, that's a toughy for me at least
  • roster 31
    Thank you, Evan, I'll be back.
  • roster 31
    Gracias dhani por tus traducciones. Algunos comentarios (a mi manera): 1."And the bandoneon ones was ..." --> "And the bandoneons were..." 2.'Looked forward A quote from love.' ==> "was anxiou...  altro
  • evfokas
    Σ' ευχαριστώ για τα καλά σου λόγια
  • Future Dr. Juanita
    Αλάνθαστες όλες οι μεταφράσεις σου! :)
  • Future Dr. Juanita
    Very nice and precise translation! Thanks. :D
  • victoriakapitany
    Nagyon köszi a fordítást! ;)
  • Future Dr. Juanita
    Nice translation! :)
  • nefret
    Ок. Исправила.
  • FemmeSolitaire
    Error in french "Il me tarde tant que le jour se lève"
  • nefret
    Спасибо за внимательность. Сама повеселилась когда увидела это za njega и перевод "для нее" :)
  • diferentsiaal
    Thanks, don't know how I missed that!
  • zanzara
    Je tuhý jak veka - jest sztywny (stężały - zwykle o nieboszczyku) jak weka - chodzi o pieczywo, najczęstszy podkład do kanapek - która, jak bułka francuska, szybko robi się czerstwa Máme ...  altro
  • johanforslund1
  • WeaknessOfHeart
    absolutely.Thank you very much! teşekkür ederim x
  • Aldefina
    Click on EDIT above the lyrics on the left side.
  • Valeriu Raut
    Dragå Alexys, observå cå strofa a doua nu este cântatå. Nu ar fi mai bine så o stergi? La revedere !
  • diferentsiaal
    I don't know how to edit the submitted translation, but I just found a very ugly spelling mistake, should be in both cases I WON'T return anymore instead of "I want". Sorry xx
  • Valeriu Raut
    Thank you mayasurya for a good English translation. Some “points”, from my point of view: Causer = to talk Faudra qu'il cause à mon fusil > He'll have to talk to my rifle A verse too long...  altro
  • Apego
    Hello, again, Here is some more sentences: "I`m ready if you`re ready" "Show me what you think, baby" (?????) = Don´t waste your time. Uca cristao bebê nom Oohhh... Um creço dança.=...  altro
  • evfokas
  • evfokas
    Thank you Marco, I tried to stay close to the original expressions because the way things are expressed isn't modern but if you have suggestions about word order I can correct it
  • evfokas
    I think lady is fine, you may uncapitalise the first letter so that it won't seem as christian related. Many traditions have pagan origins all around the world and there's also a thread about
  • evfokas
    In Greece abbardente's called tsipouro in most regions and is drunk at all times usually with "mezes" (t...  altro
  • Valeriu Raut
    Merci Hanayuki, votre maîtrise de l'italien et votre précision de traduire sont impressionnants. Le style de la chanson est démodé. Mes suggestions : Déjà c'est le passé > Già è il passa...  altro
  • maluca
  • Marinka
    Помню, помню... Прелесть! Спасибо, Сергей!
  • Marinka
    Спасибо, Сергей! Ага, пусть всегда будет солнце!
  • barsiscev
  • barsiscev
    Вальс над землёй плывёт... (В. Ободзинский)
  • dlynnepom
    So moving...
  • barsiscev
    I još jedan Arlekin
  • barsiscev
    joj, one vječito mlade bakice
  • dl660k1
    aali bod merci