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  • barsiscev
    Zdravo, Katherine 1. se ne vatim -- se ne vratim 2. biti samom na granici -- biti sa mnom na granici 3. sao mi nemoj -- samo mi nemoj 4. вернутся на свои круги - to je frazeolog...  altro
  • evfokas
    Additional desengáñate suggestions: lose/drop your delusions harbour no illusions better believe it wake up to reality/the real world For the last line I'd prefer something more impersonal li...  altro
  • evfokas
  • barsiscev
    Да, проходит жизнь как ветерок по полю ржи...
  • barsiscev
    О любви не говори - О ней всё сказано; Сердце, верное любви, молчать обязано. О любви не говори, о любви не гово...  altro
  • barsiscev
    Ален Делон говорит по-французски... Ален Делон не пьёт одеколон. Ален Делон, Ален Делон пьёт двойной бурбон.
  • shainaz93
    fixed it! The song has a lot of chorus lol
  • Malivone
    Bonjour GuerrillaRepublik, I hope you don't mind, if I make a few corrections to your text? I have a kurdish friend (from Georgia), who study french language and would like to learn this song. Than...  altro
  • barsiscev
    И время не на миг не остановишь. (А. Пугачёва)
  • barsiscev
    Спасибо, Марина. Конечно, шлангом он прикидывается
  • Serena_Tradu24
    Reminds me of the lessons that I never wanted to learn :D Well, the rules of grammar are there to support us for better meanings. I generally prefer clear sentences than anything broken or stylish in ...  altro
  • FreeAngel AntiMental
  • Hampsicora
    Vielen Danke Maluca, ich mag deine Übersetzung.
  • Natoska
    Спасибо, исправила)))
  • Natoska
    спасибо, Марина, исправила :)
  • Marinka
    Не верю, что не из-за неё...
  • Questionfinder
    Thanks for posting, awesome to know.
  • Felice1101
    Как всегда ослепил меня......Супер, просто не хватает слов мне...
  • maluca
    feat. La India
  • vhl.victorlopez
    Hi! Only a question. when you say "She doesn't love me, no, no she does" is it She or He? Because Ece is singing. Thanks.
  • BssHlw
  • dhani.ramirez
    the real lyrics seems to me they should be these You know I'm gon get ya, yeah, Whatever it takes, get there, No, I won't drop you, Like everybody else does. Forget about your friends th...  altro
  • maluca
    Cover von Locomondo, Reggae Version:
  • mehmut.abdilmoti
    tamam abim çok teşekkürler
  • robertohomeli
    Oi obrigado pelo comentário, não tinha visto que mudaram todo o formato da música e algumas frases também, fiz algumas alterações além de reformatar o texto Quanto a 'guy', mudei também com...  altro
  • Jamilet Bryant
    :bigsmile: Thanks this video is hilarious!
  • Muaz
    As a whole, its good, proper and right but "Güvenmeye hiç kimsem yok Güvenmeye hiç kimsem yok" shouldn't be translated like this because it means "I dont have anyone to trust I dont ha...  altro
  • Muaz
    I'll try to control and fix the mistakes in Turkish translations as i can, good days
  • mehmut.abdilmoti
    thank you Muaz ... i really appreciate your interest
  • Rico.21
    A tradução está incompleta...
  • roster 31
    Míralo primero porque esto: "Kalinka, kalinka, kalinka moiá Vsadu iágoda malinka, malinka moiá!" no parece esatr en esta versión. Y yo no he dicho nada. Lo he copiado de, https://es.wi...  altro
  • Muaz
    It's really good, congrats but you may want to change the last line from "from days of my mind" to "from my mind" it could be less musical but more accurate.Also thanks for the translation edit: ...  altro
  • spnuze
    yeah, actually you can find some big differences between some words between latin american Spanish and the one from Spain :) I recommend you this song to understand the big differences between some wo...  altro
  • efecam
    önemli değil :D
  • Rico.21
    Achei estranho deixar 'esse cara', mesmo sabendo que alguns americanos que ouvirem esta música vão pensar assim. Só que na música diz que 'GUY' significa 'girl under you'. Eu colocaria 'garota'. ...  altro
  • bora.trabzon
    the translation is not mine.. i have picked it up from unfortunately i cant translate from pontian. but i am doing turkish translations of english translations from pontic songs.. i a...  altro
  • M de Vega
    Vraćam se na stare zahtjeve... Još uvijek ih želim riješiti što više :)
  • ka1101
  • dmitryyushmakov
    Hola Rosa! Y hasta ahora la canción no tiene sentido pero está bien) 1. De Saúco/Enebro El traductor que tengo dice que es "sauquillo". Y la verdad el traductor es MUY bueno... Pero eres una esp...  altro
  • carnivorous_lamb
    I have a lot of them, but my favorite has to be the Pozole (Posole). It's a Mexican dish, and it's often made the most during the month of December. I personally can make a decent passable version of ...  altro
  • smylea7
    Thank you for your attention and suggestions :)
  • Fani1993
    Video clip:
  • roster 31
    Done. Thank you. Don't be so nice to me...!
  • Sara Ba
    You forgot to add the (Chorus) parts :)
  • Jamilet Bryant
    Beautiful translation, but you forgot "it" on the second to last line.
  • Jamilet Bryant
    :) THANK YOU!
  • Walkwoman
    Now I'm feeling a bit weird... usually I don't fall for songs about passion. But this one just sounds too good, so guess I'll have to make an exception... stop smirking, Lauri! *throws an angry glance...  altro
  • roster 31
    You got it!
  • roster 31
    Another word just came to my mind that I think is better: "la cordura" --> "la razón". Las line: "¡Serás un hombre, hijo mío! To make it perfect, I would put semicolon at the end of the ver...  altro
  • FlaminaNony
  • harel.skaat.75
    fullmoon64,where are you from?