Three days and two nights - 三天两夜 [ San Tian Liang Ye (三天两夜) ]

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Three days and two nights - 三天两夜

If I knew this relationship is a vacation before,
Lies don't has a great significance for me.
Except for wasting my emotion,
waiting for the end which will come soon,
Happiness, it is turning into tears slowly.
Only experience, no understanding ,
Tomorrow's loneliness, just give it to time and time will ending
Three days and two nights, if there is only a little fate of you and me,
Don't blame my love, give you directly.
Three days and two nights, only wish for brightness, and don't wish for everlasting.
Don't leave some words which is about giving up when we say goodbye,
That's a sort of kindness to me.
Postato da Diyora Lun, 28/02/2011 - 10:27
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San Tian Liang Ye (三天两夜)

除了挥霍着情绪 等待即将到来的结局
只要体会 不必了解
明天的空虚寂寞 交给时间去收尾
三天两夜 如果缘份就这么一些


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snorio     febbraio 28th, 2011

Thanks a lot, Diyora Smile

Diyora     marzo 1st, 2011

Whoops I'm afraid that I made some mistakes...

algebra     marzo 1st, 2011

If you want to edit your translation click on the [Edit] tab under the translation title.

Diyora     marzo 1st, 2011

I know how to edit but I haven't found my mistakes in China that's a expression of condescension.
To algebra, I don't think I can do well in mathsmatics

algebra     marzo 1st, 2011

Me either, I hate numbers, calculations, ew... that's why I prefer the abstract part of it Laughing out loud

Diyora     marzo 1st, 2011

Oh it's okay. I prefer languages. I like German best, and French.
I dislike English... I've learnt it for more then 10 years, since I 'm 3.
Can you speak Chinese?

algebra     marzo 1st, 2011

Nope, but I'd love to learn it. They say it is a hard language but I'm so booked up lately to get into some course. Been studying Russian and Hebrew.
Since my native language is Portuguese, I never had much trouble with Spanish, Italian and French, of course, regarding to standart texts. I love my language And also Spanish. Italian is my next favourite but I don't like French language that much, not nowadays. French songs from the 60's and 70's were very popular around here and I've grown up listening to that big old LPs and good songs.

I also like Russian. It surprises me a lot with so many different features. I think Ukranian and Polish are really charming languages too (Ukrainian is sweet and Polish reminds a lot the hissing nature of spoken Portuguese). Languages are fascinating and learning them is a nice hobby for me Laughing out loud

I took 2 years of German some years ago but I've quit. But today it doesn't attract me anymore. Maybe I've been too busy, learning Russian and English (and Hebrew) lately. Regards

Diyora     marzo 2nd, 2011

I like languages and I want to study German, French, Finnnish, Uzbek and Spanish.
Chinese is a hard language, because we haven't found a language which is similar to Chinese very much. Yea, you may say Japanese or Korean, but Korean's handwriting is different, and Japanese, although some words are similar, but it's still very different from Chinese.
Well in China I haven't found a language school which taught Portuguese, except in universities. I study German by myself because I still have classes at school, and gradually my family think I should study hard in school lessons. I'm in a middle school in Beijing, but they are not very district. The bad thing is, they have no money to employ foreign language teachers - except English teachers.
My French skills was helped by my friends, some helping websites and, dictionaries. Actually there was a foreign teacher in our school called Zahra. She was from Morocco and she is native French. She helped me a lot and some Chinese friends helped me as well. I like some bands in Finnland but it's impossible to find a Finnish school in China, also, I have no way to learn Uzbek. Actually my user name Diyora is an uzbek name! Is that cool?
Hebrew, I've read a book about the history of Jewish. So... Maybe there will be another Chance.
Well my dream is to be a translator and to be a national of Germany. I know I still have a long way...
I'm very glad to meet you. And, do you plan to study Ukrainian?
Muito contente que o encontro? It's that right? Yours Diyora

algebra     marzo 2nd, 2011

Oh I think you're on right track, the sooner you start learning a language the better. Translating is a very fun job but requires lots of effort. There was a time that I had been studying lots of languages at once until time became shorter for me. I mean, I started studying Russian on my own, and that's when I discovered Polish and Ukrainian through some songs. Now add Spanish and much later Hungarian and also a senior in Math to all this account. That was insane Laughing out loud. Studying all of it together was quite unfuitiful. I decided going deeper in Russian. Today, I spend most part of my studies reading novels. I love reading. I have "PS. I love you" and "Nobody writes to the colonel", both in Russian, on my desk these says and every day, I read a bit.

Hungarian was quite easier after Russian and I like the fact of non gender agreements and all that stuffs. They possess beautiful harmony rules for plurals and agreements and suffixes are not so complex although they have 19 cases Laughing out loud. But I could not even find a decent dictionary to buy around here, not to mention the total absence of natives on the language, so, it sounds like an impossible mission, unless I go to live in Budapest, which is even less probable.

My business with Hebrew does not involve religious affairs. I was the only one out of 8 students on the classroom that was not looking forward learning the Kabalah or Biblical Hebrew principles. Religion is not my thing. I just like the way Hebrew sounds, the melody of its speech. That's why I could not miss a chance to learn more of it. And I can say it is really easy to get through, just verbs and irregular adjectives suck a bit. And of course, my leisure time on reading is still not possible which I hate so very much. Sometimes they don't write vowels and you have to know what a combinations of letters might mean.

I think Diyora is a beautiful name for a girl, do you know what that means in Uzbek?. Mine is Arabic-Hebrew and means "he whom God will hear" or whatever. Cute, uh? So I hope you keep doing good in your studies and stick around here. And your Portuguese sentence is OK, just we'd rather say "Muito prazer em conhecê-lo" (saying to a man) or "Muito prazer em conhecê-la" (for females)

I just have a question about Chinese language. I've heard about Chinese tones, which sounds quite interesting but at the same time, really complicated for me. Well, I've watched some videos teaching about it, so I have a impression that tones may interfere in emotional nuances of the speech. I mean if you are mad when you're speaking this will affect the message, or I am wrong?

Here one example, the classic ma-ma-ma-ma Laughing out loud

Diyora     marzo 3rd, 2011

Yea Russian is cool. My favorite city is Yakutsk, I always want to visit it. And I love Germany best.
About songs, I only like French and German songs. Generally Chinese people like Chinese songs because they can understand easily. And they also like English songs... You know now all the Chinese students are learning English, and there are too many exams, for students in universities there is CET-4 AND CET-6, and there is GRE and TOFEL and IELTS... So they can also know the real meaning of English songs.
But I'm special, my friends think I'm special, strangers think I'm odd. There is a girl who likes Languages. Nearly all of my classmates hate languages.
About religion, yes, it causes problems. But.. it's 21 century now! Everyone can understand it. And in China most people dont have their religion. Actually - Some Chinese are Budd, but others, like me, we don't have to go to Church. I know it, my penpals cannot understand that.
About your question, I think, maybe not. Although Chinese is a hard language, and some words have different pronunciations, but we can understand. In Chinese classes we often make mistakes in pronunciations and handwriting... But actually, only in exams. If there is a farmer, he never go to a city and study, he can't writing and reading - he can speak Chinese well, and others understand him. I mean the real understanding.
Just like we learn English Grammar, actually the real English don't recite Grammar rules, but when we learn them we recite. Whoops, if you learn languages points as a Child, words may be easier to understand!
I can only write this, I'm busy with Chemistry homework and English.
SO... See you, you're nice Smile Diyora, or call me Juliette, it's my French name.