I loved but there was no end (Sevdim Ama Sonu Yoktu)

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I loved but there was no end

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When I looked at your eyes for the first time
I was so lost in thought there
The first time when I kissed your lips
dont ask me how I carried away with the taste
I couldn't see the betrayal inside you
I loved but I knew there was no result
I knew the sighs and mourning of love
I burned with what you did to me
If you regret one day and come back
I will already be with someone else, we will be strangers
What should I do now?
Am I gonna look for your way ?
With your betrayal inside
Whom I should complain
What should I do now?
Should I burn the city?
Burning with your betrayal
Should I waste this life?
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Sevdim Ama Sonu Yoktu

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